Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Our farm in South Chili, NY has been targeted for an electric reliability project.  What does that mean?  Good Question.  It means someone else has a “better” idea how best to use our land – and they have been taking steps to take it. 

They specifically are RG&E (Rochester Gas & Electric), a subsidiary of the Spanish owned Iberdrola Company.  The project proposes a ‘large’ substation – over three football fields in size ‘large’ – to be placed in the middle of our home farm.

The project proposes three transmission lines traversing East and West and then zig zagging through our active farmlands.  And the project includes an access road to the huge station that will further break up our land and disrupt our family farming operation.

I am Marie Krenzer, and we have created this Blog to inform those interested about our plight and our fight to save our farm.  There is a pile of detail to sort through to understand all of what is happening to our 4th generation family farm.

The Krenzers have been farming in this area for about 100 years. We don’t want to stop.

For now, simply put, it’s a battle. The New York State Public Service Commission (PSC), which sits in Albany but includes someone from the Rochester area, has already approved this project.

And they did it without our approval, even though the project cuts through the middle of our farm.

We’ve asked the PSC to consider a new route for the project – one that won’t destroy our farm but still achieves the goal of better electricity transmission.

We’re told these kinds of appeals hardly ever succeed, and we can see why with the army of lawyers the utilities can hire to do their work.

But we’re not going to quit. We love our farm and want to hand it over to a 5th generation of Krenzers so they can pass it on to a 6th generation, and so on.

But RG&E and its parent company in Spain need to work with us to find a way to do the power line but not destroy our farm.

Here’s a news story that ran in the Rochester Democrat & Chronicle two weeks ago. It lays out the story pretty nicely.  You’ll see us in the video. The older man unloading the wheat truck is my father-in-law, Tom.  He bought this farm over 60 years ago.  It breaks my heart to think of his life’s work being taken without a second thought.

We’ll be updating this Blog almost every day. There’s so much we want to say about this issue. Come back to see the latest updates and more discussion. Chime in with your comments.

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And if you’re so inclined, please write letters to the Commissioners who sit on the Public Service Commission. Their names can be found here.


And you can write to them at:
New York State Department of Public Service
3 Empire State Plaza
Albany, New York 12223-1350

If you’re on Twitter, you can tweet right at them at @NYSDPS.

And you can go one further by tweeting right at RG&E, at @RGandE.

Thanks for joining our community. More to come….

Marie V.